diumenge, 24 de maig de 2015


Leila with her family in Gendrassa refugee camp_credit: Andy Ash

Leila is a 27-year-old mother of four children. At the age of 23 she fled bombing in her home of Blue Nile, Sudan, journeying for one month with three children while pregnant with the fourth. When her and her family reached Maban county, South Sudan they settled, seeking refuge alongside 130,000 others. One day she hopes to bring her children home but for now she is working as a teacher in a primary school and ensuring her children receive the education they need to succeed in life.

When asked what she missed the most from home, she replied, "I miss home and some of my relatives like my aunts, my uncles and my colleagues who are at home. I miss them so much and I need to see them again."

Leila and her family are proof that despite miles and tragedy, family is cherished by all.

JRS EA (Angela Wells)