dissabte, 2 de juliol de 2016


"Les meves causes 
valen més que la meva vida, 
perquè són les causes 
les que donen sentit a la vida. 

Una vida sense causes
és una vida pobra, trista, buida."

Bisbe Pere Casaldàliga (Brasil)

With little John, a child with Celebral Palsy in Doro refugee camp


"We can't produce the Spirit. We can only wait for him to come. And this is something that our poor human nature finds very hard to do in our modern world. 

We cannot wait. We cannot sit still. We are too restless, too impatient. We have to be up and about. We'd rather undertake many hours of hard labour than endure the pain of waiting in stillness for something that is beyond our control. 

But wait we must; so we wait and wait and wait - but nothing happens (or rather, nothing we can percieve with our unrefined spiritual sight), so we tire of waiting and praying. 

Yet the Spirit is given only to those who wait: those who expose their hearts day after day to God and his Word in prayer: who invest hours and hours in what seems a sheer waist of time to our production-oriented minds." 

Toni de Mello, SJ, Contact with God


The voices of refugees themselves: 
ENGLISH: http://www.mercy-in-motion.org/en/home/videos
SPANISH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJyzROY7zp0

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Roger ha dit...

Per molts anys Pau!!! continuem pregant per tu i l'Álvaro, la vostra comunitat-missió i aquest país vostre. Una abraçada!!!

Pau V. ha dit...

Gràcies company. Aviu 31 de Juliol, dia de St. Ignasi, et tenim molt present. Plou a bots i barrals. Jo he celebrat l'eucarista a la parròquia i l'Àlvar a un poblet sota l'arbre.
Ben units