dimecres, 3 de juliol de 2013


Last Sunday, June 30, I celebrated with joy one year since the priestly ordination. It has been a challenging but grace-filled year. This quote has inspired me to walk with, to listen to, and to be with the refugees rather than trying to do too many things:
"Our biggest temptation, on seeing the distress of the refugees (...) is to begin projects, to give material things, to decide en masse what the refugees need. They often arrive in exile without shoes, with only one torn shirt, hungry, without a clear plan. But they did not undergo this experience in order to get a shirt or shoes. Their human experience is to be respected. They are traumatized by violence, lonely, rejected, exhausted in body certainly, but also exhausted by their loss of a place in a stable society, and sometimes feeling guilty at what they did to survive. They want to be understood, to be heard. Their frequent question is: Why is God doing this to me? They have the right to ask this question. But it cannot be asked unless someone listens. This is our primary role, to listen to the questions, to the longing and to the fundamental human need of the refugees."
Mark Raper SJ. Jesuit Refugee Service,  Everybody's Challenge: 

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Miguel Ángel ha dit...

¡Enhorabuena por ese aniversario! Que tengas salud y ánimo para celebrar muchos más. Y también cia.

Josep Barba ha dit...

Gràcies pel post. Recordo una conversa amb tu a Libèria sobre la necessitat de la contemplació més que de l'acció.
Una abraçada.

Kakuma ha dit...

contemplació i acció del bracet, ben arrambats :)

i alhora: ben veritat que sovint caiem en "l'heretjia de l'activisme" (un company jesuita de l'enfermeria em compartia aquestes paraules savies)